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If you are thinking of flying, you can consider Spirit Airline to save money. It Is a budget- friendly airline. Spirit Airlines is a major American ultra-low-cost Airline. Spirit Airlines offers its services to the entire United States, Caribbean, and Latin America. Spirit Airlines is one of the eight largest airlines in North America. Spirit Airlines is a well-recognized name in the aviation industry. It is the ultra-low-cost carrier in North America. Spirit Airlines is the airline that most frequent air traveler prefers.

Spirit Airlines is known for its extraordinary services and its low-fare charges. It also offers lucrative deals to its customers. Within Spirit Airlines, You can get several benefits that you can choose as per your comfort. You can say it is a budget-friendly flight that can be easily afforded by the person who wants to fly in the sky. In addition, the airline contains a well-trained and friendly staff that makes your journey comfortable and memorable.

How to book your tickets with Spirit Airline Booking Policy?

There are several ways to book your ticket via Spirit Airlines-

  • Via phone- Passengers can book their tickets by calling on the number +1 202-684-3533, and the executive will ask for all detail like name, contact number, destination date of journey, etc. After putting all the details, the executive will confirm your booking by sending a notification on your mobile or sending the e-mail on the given id. Now you can take a printout of your flight ticket.
  • Via mobile app- Another way to install the app of Spirit airline on your smartphone and go through the website and open book my trip, fill in all the required detail asked by the website, and confirm your reservation via mobile app. If you cannot ensure your ticket online or via the app, then you can book your ticket by visiting the Spirit Airline airport desk.

What is the check-in policy of Spirit Airlines?

  • If traveling via Spirit Airlines, you must choose to check-in online or reach the nearest airport before departure because the check-in counter is open 2 hours before and closed 45-minute early to the departure schedule of the flight in case of domestic flights.
  • In the case of an international flight, the check-in guidelines through the airport differ. If you are flying to an international destination, then the counter will open 3 hours before and close 60-minutes early to the departure schedule of the international flight.
  • Passengers must pay $10 to print their boarding passes when they check-in at the counter. You can check in before 24 hours, and it ends an hour before departure.
  • If you are making check-in via the online process, you can purchase bags and preferred seats.

What is the Baggage policy of Spirit Airlines?

  • Spirit Airline has some guidelines reeled to carry baggage policy; it charges on carry-on and checked bags if the bags weigh over 40lb.
  • Spirit airline includes with its ticket only one personal item that fits in the smaller sizer box and any other thing big for it have to pay charges to the traveler.
  • The charges for carry-on bags differ; the cost of carrying a carry carry-on bag during online booking or check-in is $26 and $36 and $50, respectively, when paid at the airport. While the online mode is $21-$30, a charge for second checked baggage is $31-$40, and costs for third to fifth checked baggage are $76-$85.If you are paying charges at the airport, then you have to pay high charges.

For more information related to revised guidelines and policies of Spirit Airlines, stay with our blog.

Is Spending on Spirit Airline Saver$ Club a Sensible Decision?

When booking a flight on Spirit Airlines, you might be enticed by the Saver$ Club price offer. However, is it worth the additional cost?

If you book spirit airlines tickets, you may come to know about the Spirit Saver$ club price offer. Believe it or not, investing in the Saver$ club is worthwhile.

As of 2022, with the price of 69.95 dollars, users can avail of discounts on the below- mentioned things:

  • Boarding Ease
  • Flexible Security check
  • Seat Selection
  • Baggage
  • Flights
  • Flight Flex

Spirit Saver Club Airline Ticket Booking Bring More Flexibility and Offers

The revised Free Spirit focuses on points that depend on dollars rather than miles. You don't have to travel abroad for each booking, large seat because Free Spirit club can work for you.

Gain Points on Each Flight Ticket: Every participant receives a minimum of 6 points for each dollar invested in the flight ticket

Gain Twice On Á La Smarte™ feature: Each participant receives a minimum of 12 points for every dollar invested in the Á La Smarte feature, including bags and seats.

Points + Cash: Reserve your flight quickly and travel early through at least 1000 points redemption with dollars spent on the remaining ticket price.

Points Pooling: Deserving Participants can compile free spirit points with fewer than 8 people or close ones to gain reward flight quicker. Which eventually mean the more you have member, the higher your benefit?

Reduced Redemption charges: Spirit airline ticket booking is simpler than conventional methods. The revised Free spirit options have zero redemption charges for passengers who book a minimum of 3 months ahead. Moreover, it also reduces fees around the board for participants making flight reservations nearer to the flight departure.

Launching Free Spirit Silver and Gold: Members can gain additional points on each flight reservation and Á La Smarte acquisition. Moreover, this facility gives the advantage of free checked bags, carry on and seat selection.

Gain Points on Every Seat and Flight: We provide rewards depending on fares. This signifies that travellers can search for attractive offers in dollars and gain good offers in points. Reward flights arrive quickly with reward redemption that begins at 2500 points. Participants can perform reward point redemption without fear of shutdown dates. One can avail seat by paying points redemption instead of dollars if they wish.

Durable points: The finest part of spirit air saver club is that the points earned by members will not expire until they make an eligible payment. They can do it a minimum of once a year.

Spirit airline allows passengers to pay for their preferable services. Revising the free spirit program depth enables passengers to make travel familiarity more enthralling. Friends and family planning a group tour can earn and redeem their points. Airlines wish to give people sufficient benefits in the form of reward points.

Who Can Avail Free Spirit Saver Facility?

People who want more benefits, discounts and eye-catching deals on flight service can avail of free spirit service. When you travel with Spirit Airlines, we suggest you make a Free spirit account. Such accounts allow you to gain points and redemption as per the program.

Yet passenger should remember that Spirit airline have no collaborative airlines. Therefore whatever points users have gained are only authorized for spirit usage. Users can redeem points only for spirit airline flights and associate trade partners.

What Methods Are Available to Gain Free Spirit Points?

The highly popular method to gain reward points in the airline is travel with Spirit Airlines. Free Spirit participants gain reward points for each penny they invest in each spirit airline booking a flight every time. Participants gain points depending on the invested money instead of miles counting. It is because the Free Spirit scheme is a revenue-oriented recurrent traveler scheme. You can earn more extra points under the Free Spirit program if you invest your money in additional features or services.

What Ways Are Easy to Redeem Free Spirit Points

Travelling with Spirit Airlines

The significant manner to free spirit point's redemption is for Spirit Airline flights. Discover flights on the Spirit website and pick 'points' at the website's top for reward point redemption. If you lack points to book a flight ticket, Spirit allows you to earn extra points to top off your account while booking.

With Spirit, travelers can acquire points and cash features. You can buy a whole air ticket with cash and points if you lack reward points to do so with Free Spirit points. Buying cash with points is beneficial compared to buying points only.

Remember that extremely affordable airlines gain a big portion of their profits by applying charges. Spirit airline also comes in such a category. Buying flight tickets with Free Spirit with fewer than 4 weeks until travel will incur a $50 credit redemption charge. However, Free Spirit subscribers with Gold or Silver memberships or qualified Free Spirit credit cardholders are exempt from this. There are no redeeming costs when making a flight reservation minimum of 4 weeks before the flight departure.

Mags for Points

Several Free Sprit subscribers wish to gain points redemption for flight booking. However, one scheme that does not provide reward point redemption for flights on spirit airlines is Mags for Points. Participants can avail of the petite amount of Free Spirit points for a magazine subscription.

What Is The Spirit Flight Status Check Procedure?

In case you have made a flight reservation with spirit airlines and now wish to know about flight status. You can easily learn 'how to check my spirit airline flight status?' through the information we provide. Users can check spirit airline flight status through multiple methods. Passengers have a habit of inspecting flight status all the time to get the latest updates about confirmation. Now we will tell you about flight status checking via multiple ways:-

Check Spirit Airline Flight Status through the Mobile app.

Spirit Airlines mobile apps allow users to check real-time flight status. They can get immediate support for any update on the mobile app.

You must download the updated and latest version Spirit airline mobile app. Please sign up or sign-in, whichever is applicable, to access the mobile app. Give details related to your flight booking and perform as per the instructions on the app. The entire flight status information appears in front of you within a fraction of a second.

Check Flight Status through the Spirit Airline Website

Type www.spirit.com on your internet browser as it is authenticated website of spirit airlines.

You can type it on your mobile or desktop, whatever you like. On the website's front page, you can easily find the tab for flight status.

After that, passengers must select how they want to check their flight status. They can submit information such as arrival or departure destination, travel date or flight number. Choose one of the options and hit the check status button. Ultimately website will display live flight status on the screen.

Check Flight Status By Customer Support Phone Number

If you are unfamiliar with the website or mobile app for checking flight status, you must go for customer support. Bring your Smartphone and dial the toll-free customer care number on the website. Kindly hear IVR choices with utmost care. Go by the guidelines and make the right choices to connect with the executive. Call the representative and wait for him or her to answer your phone. After the representative receives your call, ask them to check your flight status. They may verify your identity and also ask for some details. The customer care representative will provide the live status of your flight. Or even they can guide you so you can easily check on your device.

Spirit Airlines Loyalty Program

The Spirit airlines offers loyalty program for all the customers. The program is free to join. The points that you earn from here can be redeemed and for that you can avail the other products and services offered.

The elite status can even be earned through:

  • Earning number of free spirit points over a period of time
  • Or, spending certain amount of money designated for the time period

If you want to earn Spirit points then for that you have to fly with Spirit airlines. You can use the Bank of America credit cards for participating in the loyalty programs. When you earn the Spirit airlines points, then you can use them to book the flights for the Spirit website.

Earning Points on Free Spirit

The loyalty program that we are discussing of the Spirit airline is free to join and anyone can join it. It cost nothing. But for that you just need to fill out an application form.

After joining the Free Spirit program, you have the ability to redeem points for the flights, and you can even earn a reward flight. If you earn a lot then you can even earn a reward flight for that.

Free Spirit elite status

If you are the one who has a lot of Spirit points, then you can be the one who gets the free elite status. The elite level of each Spirit is worth value benefits of $32 for silver elite member and it costs up to $2000 for gold elite member.

There are several assumptions that you can use for the travel choices, and for how often you can take advantage of these benefits. If you have the Spirit elite status then you can enjoy the faster screenings, same day standby, free seat, easy check in and early boarding as well.

Moreover, you need to know that the points you hold can expire every two months. So, if you want to save your points from expiring what you can do is that you can use or make any 1 transaction every month, so as to prevent your points from expiring.


Passengers can book flight tickets by calling the Spirit Airlines Helpdesk number, and the executive will ask for your details, like name, contact number, destination date, etc. The executive will confirm your booking by sending a confirmation message on mobile or e- mail.

You can also download Spirit mobile app and book your flight tickets. You have to fill in the details the website flashes on the screen and confirm your reservation. You can also book flight tickets online using the Spirit website.

Yes, you can print your boarding pass at the airport. Spirit Airlines has self-service Kiosks for printing boarding passes and purchasing tickets hassle-free. Passengers should check-in and buy tickets 1 hour before the flight departure time.

You can also contact the airport's customer support executive if you need help. Passengers can get their boarding passes at the check-in counter by paying additional charges of $10 to print a single boarding pass.

Passengers can cancel their flight reservations 60 days before the departure date without paying cancellation charges. You can also cancel your reservation without paying cancellation charges within 24 hours of booking for flights departing after 7 or more days. You can cancel your flights either online or offline. Passengers can contact the Spirit Airlines Helpdesk number to cancel their flight.

Travelers can carry a small backpack, Purse, and handbag to keep their items. However, we charge an additional fee for carrying extra baggage. The charges are lower if you mention the number of baggage while booking the flight. The luggage fee for carry-on bags lies from $26 to $55 if you add baggage at the airport.

Spirit Airlines, known for its impeccable services, is an ultra-low-cost 3-star passenger carrier. It runs a free spirit rewards program, and its members receive complimentary snacks and non-alcoholic beverages. We do not offer much in the base fare, and you require paying the additional cost for almost anything extra you need.

Spirit Airlines does not allow pets to travel as cargo; instead, we have a separate cabin for pets. It must follow specific size requirements to be able to travel if you are planning to take your four-legged BFF. Spirit Airlines' pet policy does not allow any pets on international flights.

Well, you can always pay extra to get a premium seat booked for yourself. It is seen that there is no traditional premium economy, or first class, or business class fares on Spirit airlines. Each flight of the airline is same with upgraded offers and services.

Now, if you have Spirit points and you want to turn into gold member of the Spirit airlines then for that you can avail the following benefits:

  • You can earn 10 times points for the fares.
  • You get all the silver membership benefits too.
  • Free flight flex is also there and a lot more.

For availing these you need to spend money on Spirit airlines. For every dollar that you will be spending on Spirit airlines you will be earning 1 qualifying point for that.

After 2000 points are gathered in a year, you will attain the free spirit silver status. And if you attain the 5000 points in a year then you can earn the free spirit gold status.

Benefits of elite status

Let us have a look at the benefits that you can avail through the elite status:

  • You can earn up to 6 times free spirit points
  • You can attain 2000 SQPs by spending over flights and even 5000SQPs after spending on flights worth $50,000.
  • You can redeem points for flights
  • You can earn and redeem with the partners as well.
  • Flight flex, redemption fee waiver, free drinks and salads, same day standby and various other benefits can be availed by you easily.

There are massive benefits that you can avail without paying much. But the spirit policy is not much giving for the ones who book the tickets last minute.

It is a kind of membership that you are being a part of. In this club you’ll be getting exclusive access to the lowest fares and even some discounted prices on seats, bags and other options that are used for shortcut security.

There are various special deals and offers that are only for Spirit savers club and not for the other members.

The Spirit airlines $9 club is a special kind of membership which helps you to save money and even select the fares for your next trip with Spirit airlines. Moreover, the baggage fees are also less here and you can get up to eight additional passengers.

Group travel with Spirit involves customers who are travelling in groups. You can get the following benefits:

  • Confirmed seats of 10 people without full payment.
  • Name changes can also be made for free.
  • Ticket less travel is available.
  • Group travel specialist can be accessed easily.

In case you miss your flight then you have the full access to get the refund for it. You can even get a credit card voucher or a new flight booking to compensate for it.

But certainly, if it happens then you get a call from customer care service within 24 hours of the flight missing. So, there are a lot of options available for you, you can select any of them.

In case you have a baby while flying with Spirit airlines then for that your kid can fly as a lap infant. They do not need a separate seat to fly. Once they turn 2 years old, then they need a particular seat of their own. So, whenever you are flying with a baby on a flight you need to keep these minds.

The main hub of Spirit airlines is in Fort Lauderdale. This is one of the three crew bases in Florida. The other two are situated at the Miami International Airport, and even the Orlando. The main hub is in Florida but there are various operations which are run across the US.

If you are the one who has booked the wrong flight or there is any slight change in your plans, then you need to know that Spirit allows you to change the flight booking up to 1 before the departure of the flight.

But in case you want to make free changes to the flight then for that you need to make a change in your flights at within 24 hours of booking.

As per the TSA rule of the Spirit airlines it is noted that the name that you have on your ticket should match with the government issued ID. In case you do not have the middle name on the government issued card and on the boarding pass, then there will be no issue.

This is because the TSA will match the information on the ticket with the information on the government issued passenger card.

You can easily book the flights for your next trip to any place through the Spirit airlines booking online portal. On the portal the flights that you will be seeing are of Spirit airlines. If you are booking an award flight with the elite benefits, 28 days before the departure then you won’t be charged any redemption fee for it.

But there is a redemption fee of $50 for every guest in case you book for less than 28 days. Moreover, if you have any query regarding the Spirit airlines booking, then you can contact the customer service for that.

So, go ahead book your flights with Spirit airlines, earn rewards, take membership and make your flight journey more feasible and convenient. Happy travel and journey with Spirit airlines.

Spirit airlines is regarded to be the top airline through which you can book your tickets easily. Booking was never so easy and convenient and Spirit airlines has made it possible. Moreover, you get the best offers on your flights when you book with Spirit airlines. There are a lot of questions that the people have regarding the zones of boarding. So, here are some of the FAQs that you should go through.

There are 4 boarding zones of Spirit airlines. The users can easily book their tickets through any of the zones. The first one is the gold elite zone, the second is silver elite member and the third zone is the one where passengers sit on the rear of the plane. So, it is important that you book your tickets with the zone that you are most comfortable with and the eligibility also needs to be met.

There are 4 boarding zones of flights. 1 to 4, are the boarding groups. Those who have booked the zone 4 boarding on Spirit airlines, they tend to fly towards the front of the plane.

Zone boarding is the step through which you can board the flights in a structured as well as the organized manner. In this, the passengers are divided into specific set of groups or zones and they are made to board the flight with this sequential order or zone. Spirit Airlines has 4 boarding areas. Through any of the zones, users can easily purchase tickets. The first one is the Gold Elite zone, the second is the Silver Elite zone, and the third is the Rear of the Plane zone, where passengers sit. It is crucial that you purchase your tickets in the zone where you feel most at ease, and you must also be eligible.

Yes, Spirit airlines is one of the top airlines with which you get to experience the best services. The flights go almost full this is because of the affordable price and the services.

Yes, Spirit airlines also provides its people the fast and secure Wi-Fi. The spirit airlines help you to stream your favorite shows, movies as well as the games so that you can get the best connectivity.

Spirit airlines do not have the option of TV or in-flight entertainment option for you on the flight. So, you can use your own laptop or mobiles to watch anything that you want to.

No, Spirit airlines does not provide you with the option of in-flight entertainment. So, you cannot watch the free movies on the flight.

There are various groups for boarding your flight as well. It includes: Group 1: Priority boarding, Group 2: guests who have booked the big front seat, Group 3: Guests who have booked for the carry on bags, Group 4: Guests who have not booked for the carry on bags.