How to use the Spirit Airlines Pet Policy


How to use the Spirit Airlines Pet Policy for Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, And Birds

Are you planning a tour with your pets on Spirit Airlines?

There are many airlines that allow carrying pets but with many terms and conditions. Like all, Spirit Airlines have different reasons for what types of pets you can carry. This is obvious that you cannot stay away from their pets for one, two, and more days. Therefore many people think to travel or go for a long vacation with their pets. However, some pets are allowed by Spirit Airlines. While some pets are not allowed. Passengers allow carrying beloved dogs, cats, or bird on Spirit Airlines. Read the content to know how Spirit Airlines accepts flight reservations with pets on conditions.

Moreover, you can plan to travel with your domestic pet in and around the US. for this, there is a convenient and simple Spirit Airlines pet policy. This Spirit Airlines, which is a low-cost carrier lets the passengers fly with their pets inside a container under the seat.

You must take care of some rules Spirit Airlines that you have to follow. Know what is Spirit Flight’s pet policy, what charges you need to pay, or how to add a pet to a Spirit flight after booking many such queries. Make a good knowledge of the Spirit Airlines policy for pets before travelling with Spirit Airlines.

Can I carry pets on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines is known to offer excellent services to every passenger to ensure a hassle-free traveling experience. There are many people who like to carry pets on flights. However, Spirit does not accept all pets on the flight. so, know what kinds of pets are allowed by Spirit Airlines. It depends on pets as there can be so many types. People in the US, have different kinds of pets.

There can be dogs, cats, rabbits, and birds which are some of the common pets. Though, Spirit Airlines allows carrying small-sized pets on flights inside an appropriate container. However, you are not allowed to carry big-sized and wild animals. So, animals like a cow, horses, deer, snakes, and monkeys are not allowed on the flight with Spirit Airlines. You need to know which animal you can carry on a flight with Spirit Airlines. What charges you will have to pay for this, read to know in detail.

What kinds of pets can fly on Spirit Airlines?

You can fly to your favorite destination with Spirit Airlines. However, there are some conditions you have to follow while traveling with Spirit Airlines. So, you are wrong if thinking all the pets like dogs, cats, and birds are allowed on flights. those pets with oversized bodies are not allowed on the flights.

This rule is also applicable to cats and birds. If you have a pet with an oversized body that can’t move and stay comfortably within the container. These pets might cause pain and frustration inside the container. Hence. These types of pets are not acceptable. For those passengers who carry the oversized container more than the prescribed limit, then pets will not get fit below the seat which is not allowed either.

Otherwise, if you carry small-sized pets such as a dog, cat, rabbit, or bird, their sizes meet the present size requirement, and they can travel without any discomfort. So, this depends on the size, health, fitness, and behaviors of your pet that really matters. The most important thing is that your pet must behave normally, and calmly on the flight. also, the pet should be perfectly fit mentally and physically.

What types of pets are not allowed to fly with Spirit flight?

Big-sized pet is not allowed to fly in a Spirit flight. pet those who have to meet the maximum size requirement as mentioned above, are not allowed to journey. In addition, animals like snakes, spiders, rodents, turtles, or any other poisonous creatures are also not allowed. These animals might pose threat to the life of other passengers; hence they are not allowed to fly on Spirit Airlines.

How can I add a pet to my flight?

Passengers now can travel with their pets on Spirit Airlines. For this, you need to buy a seat for your dog on a Spirit Airlines flight. Also, if you don’t need to do anything except an additional payment, then yes you can do so!

Sometimes, passengers spend a whole day booking a seat for their pet, and they don’t get it. in many cases, passengers don’t find an option to book a seat for their pet on a Spirit Airlines flight. you can book a seat on the official website where the Spirit shows an option to add a pet before or after making a reservation.

Many times, Spirit Airlines seats are not allowed for pets in Spirit Airlines. Pets on flights are to be kept under the front seat. In such cases, you can contact Spirit customer service. Our customer care executive will let you know all the details and how to book a reservation for your beloved pet with Spirit flight.

What is the Spirit pet policy fee?

Spirit Airlines offers to fly with the pet but whatever kind of pet you are planning to carry with Spirit flight, you need to know. For this, there is some fee that is applicable for all. You need to carry a puppy or adult dog or cat while flying, for this, you have to pay the Spirit charges a fee of $110 for all domestic flights. also, you are to first consult with a Spirit representative before confirming a flight with your pet. After making reservations, you can dial the Spirit customer service number and let add your pet to a flight on your ticket.

Spirit Airlines’ pet policy for international

Spirit Airlines allows using the pet policy to travel with their pets only for domestic flights. if you want to travel with pets to international countries, make booking a flight with any another airline like from the US to any other country or vice-versa. So, you must know all the information about international travel with your pet feel free.

Spirit pet policy: what are the terms and conditions for carrying a pet on a Spirit flight?

Spirit Airlines allows you to carry a pet successfully, so, know what you need to meet the following requirements:

This is a must that your pet has a rabies vaccination certificate. The requirement for this vaccination certificate is a must-to-have while traveling to Puerto Rico.

  • You cannot fly on Spirit with birds to and from Puerto Rico flight or the U.S.V.I.
  • You can fly with Spirit Airlines carrying a maximum of two pets in a container (if the pets get fitted easily).
  • In addition, only one passenger can carry only one container.
  • The most important is that your pet should be healthy, neat, and clean.
  • The size of the container should be under the limit but sufficient for pet movement.
  • Pet should have an age lesser than 8 weeks.
  • Pet should carry a weight (pet and container) not more than 40 pounds (18.14 kg).

How to fly with pet on spirit Airlines

Bringing a pet into the plane on Spirit Airlines costs $125 each way. While they are not necessary, reservations are advised. However, as Spirit only permits six pet carriers per trip, it is definitely preferable to book your pet’s seat as soon as possible.

Are Spirit airlines check pet health certificate

Pets flying in the cabin of Spirit Airlines are not required to have a health certificate. Little domestic dogs, cats, and birds are the only animals Spirit permits on board.

Are Spirit airline check pet weight

Yes, there are usually weight limits on airlines for dogs flying in the cabin. The pet and carrier cannot weigh more than forty pounds combined. Pets are never transported as cargo on Spirit Airlines. Except in the case of service animals, Spirit Airlines does not allow pets on its foreign flights.

Do Cat Ears hurt on Flight?

Cats’ ears can become inflamed by pressure changes at altitude, much like when your own ear pops. Doctors advise against taking your cat in the cargo hold and instead asking them to ride in the cabin with you.

Are there any paperwork I need to bring my pet on a plane?

A current health and rabies vaccination certificate must be carried at all times. The animal must be housed in a kennel or soft bag that is ventilated and no bigger than 46 cm (18 in) by 46 cm (18 in) by 30 cm (12 in).

How are pets checked by the TSA?

There will be a physical and/or visual inspection of animal carriers. Pets should not pass through the X-ray machine, but their empty containers must so they can be inspected. The owner of the pet will then have their hands switched by a TSA agent as a routine check for possible hazardous traces.

Can my pet roam the airport?

All pets inside the terminals of airports must be kenneled and prepared for travel, with one exception of hospitality animals. Make sure you head directly to the priority check-in booth as airlines have permitted priority check-in and boarding for those travelling with dogs.

How anxious do dogs find flying?

All dogs find flying to be quite stressful, but older dogs and puppies with medical or behavioral issues may find it particularly distressing.

How are Cat treated on flight?

In general, cats are safe to travel by air. However, consult your veterinarian a few weeks prior to scheduling a flight if your cat has any particular medical issues. They will travel under the cabin in the cargo during the journey.

Can my Cat sit on my lap during flight?

Even though it might be tempting, resist the urge to put the cat on your lap when flying. In the kennel, please. Some of the other passengers might become irate because not everyone enjoys cats. Make sure they are chipped and kept in their kennel at all times in case they decide to escape.

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