Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy contains details such as how spirit Airlines or we gather user information and share and secure personal point. Our privacy policy will guide you about your rights and choices related to using and disclosing your personal information.

How do we gather users' detail?

We gather our client's detail in various ways, such as.

  • When you create your account, we collect your name and contact details like your communication number, email-is, etc.
  • We also gather details about your actions by filling out the form to make your account on the airline website.
  • Our website also gathers your details offline when you contact our customer care number, and then our executive collects your essential details like your name, address, contact information etc.
  • For users' information, we gather detail directly from users through a survey or by filling in the feedback form. If you have submitted your job application or are an employee of an industry, then we conduct a background survey. Meditators, booking agencies, business partners, social media or other public sources are different mediums for gathering your details.

How do we use your information?

We ensure that we use all your details to provide information related to your account and functionality. You can use your account to check out and easily save your preferences and payment history.

We use this information to ensure our users are running our website efficiently. We use user detail to promote behaviour-based publicity and get a review.

Apart from the ways mentioned above, we use your information in other ways also like-

  • To recognize you when you visit our website.
  • To provide details about the products and services offered and the flight booking policies.
  • To know your feedback about our airline services through your communicating e-mail address.
  • To send promotional offers, holidays provide employment opportunities and so on.
  • We also use your personal information to strengthen our business relationship with users.

How do we secure your detail?

Our website's prominent aim is to save users' personal information. We used highly advanced electronic and organizational security measures to secure our users' information. Our website offers limitations to accessing users' information; everyone can't get your personal information. Only certain staff members and employees who are well-trained and trustworthy of the organization who can offer you the best services can access your detail.