Spirit Airlines Seat Selection

We understand that every traveller has distinct seating preferences, which is why we provide a choice of seat alternatives to choose from. We have you covered whether you need more legroom or a specific seat on the plane.

Spirit Airlines' seat selection process is simple and quick, allowing you to choose the finest seat for your unique needs. So, sit back and unwind and allow us to handle the details of your trip.

What are Spirit Airlines seating options

Spirit Airlines seat chart allocations include the following options:

  • Big Front Seats - These seats are positioned in the plane's front and provide more legroom and broader seats than ordinary seats. They come with a little table and are ideal for travellers looking for a more comfortable experience.
  • Regular Seat - This is Spirit Airlines' regular seating option. The chairs are narrower than the Big Front chairs, yet they still provide adequate legroom. When you book your ticket, you can select your seat or buy a seat assignment.
  • Premium seats - These are positioned behind the Big Front Seats and provide greater legroom than normal seats. They include a small table and are a nice choice for travellers who want a bit more space but don't want to pay for a Big Front Seat.
  • Exit Row Seats - Spirit's exit row seats provide even more legroom than normal seats, but they also come with more obligations, such as operating the emergency exit in the event of an emergency.

Note: - Travellers must pay a Spirit Airlines seat selection fee, so you'll have to pay extra if you'd like to reserve your seat ahead of time.

What is the seating arrangement on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines seat map reservations vary based on the kind of plane and itinerary, but in general, there are two types of seats available: regular seats and Big Front Seats. The outline of the seat map according to the plane is shown below -

  • Airbus A319 (319) -145 seats: - Spirit Airlines is a low-cost carrier that flies Airbus A319 planes in 145-seat configurations. The actual seating configuration might change based on the plane and the airline's demands.
  • Airbus A320 (32A/32N) - 182 Seats: - Spirit A320s have a seating capacity of 182 passengers, with 174 conventional seats and eight "Big Front Seats" positioned in the front of the plane with more legroom and other amenities.
  • 228 Seats - Airbus A321 (32B): - Spirit Airlines' A320 plane has 228 seats, with 182 in the Economy Class cabin and 46 in the Big Front Seats cabin, which is the airline's version of a premium economy class.

It's worth noting that because Spirit Airlines is recognised for its low-cost approach, it charges extra costs for seat choices, including the Big Front Seats. Customers can choose their seats during the booking process, or they can pay a more fee after check-in or at the airport.

What exactly are the Big Front Seats?

Spirit Airlines' Big Front Seats are 18 inches wide and give up to 36 inches of pitch (the distance between a point on one seat and the same position on the seat in front of it), which is much higher than the airline's basic seating selections.

The following are some common characteristics of Big Front seats:

  • Greater legroom - Big Front seats often have greater legroom than ordinary seats, allowing passengers to stretch out and relax during their flight or journey.
  • Seats that are wider - Big Front seats are often wider than normal seats, giving passengers more room to move about and become comfortable.
  • Reclining capability - Many Big Front seats have the capacity to recline to varied degrees, allowing passengers to change their seating posture and find the best angle for their comfort.
  • Adjustable headrests - Some Big Front seats include adjustable headrests that can be moved up and down, forward and back, and side to side, giving passengers addition on neck and head support and comfort.
  • Extras - Big Front seats may have extras such as premium meals and snacks, complimentary drinks, noise-cancelling headphones, and more.
  • Priority boarding and check-in - Passengers with Big Front seats have priority boarding and check-in, allowing them to bypass lines and board their plane or journey more swiftly and effectively.

Big Front seats make travelling more comfortable and enjoyable for passengers, making long flights or journeys more pleasant and restful.

How do I upgrade my Spirit Airlines seats to the Big Front

Follow these procedures to upgrade to Spirit Airlines' Big Front seats:

  • Log in to your personal Spirit Airlines profile on the official website.
  • Enter your reservation information and select the flight to which you want to upgrade.
  • Examine the upgrade information and pay the fare difference to finalise the upgrade.
  • You can also request an upgrade before your flight at the airport check-in counter or at the gate. But, keep in mind that Big Front seat availability may vary, and upgrade fees may be greater if you wait until the day of your trip.


The Spirit airlines helps the users to choose the kind of seat they want for their travel. The seat they get through selection is not free. The users have to pay for seat selection and the only one who do not have to pay for this are the Free Spirit elite status members.

Whenever you are booking for the seat selection, you can choose the kind of seats you want individually.

Yes, the travelers who are willing to get the seats in the cheapest prices as possible can opt for the seat selection. In this option the users can randomly get an assigned seat at the check in assigned by the airline itself.

But if you want that you travel with your friends or you want to sit with your travel companions, then for that you need to book the tickets and select your seats at that time only. Moreover, the travelers who have age 13 years or younger are assigned adjacent seats with thew family so that they travel comfortably with their adult.

There are 3 options from which you can choose your flights. These are:

1. Standard seats

Here you get the vast majority of seats as it is the cheapest option to travel with. Moreover, most of the people wish to fly on a budget, since they have to pay for almost everything, like snacks, drinks etc. so, the standard seats are booked by passengers to save their expenditure.

2. Premium seats

These are the exit row seats. They have extra legroom and space. But these seats are also for those who can help in an emergency. So, passengers of age 15 or less should not prefer these seats.

3. Big Front seats

This is the first class seat. The seats are wider and the there are 8-10 such seats available here. These seats have 32% more space as compared to the other seats.

In order to pick the seats on Spirit airlines one needs to use the three options that are:

  • You can select the seats while booking or while paying.
  • You can even select the seat while check in. You even have the access to book the seats with the baggage, and seat selection, priority boarding option.
  • If you do not want to select the seat then just click on skip. The option will automatically assign you the seat while check in.

Through the Spirit s avers club you are able to receive discounts and select the seats for travel companions. There are various benefits such as early access, early boarding and along with that ticket flexibility as well.

The program of Spirit savers club is for 12 months and you have to pay around $69 for that.

Moreover, if you are booking your trip with Spirit airlines it is going to be convenient and easy. So, book now and happy travels.

The standard economy seats of the spirit airlines are of 28 inches. Most of the airlines of the economy class have seats that are of 30 inches. The standard seats of the Spirit airlines have tiny tables but you can even fix a laptop on them. However, if you take or book the Spirit bog seats in the front then you can even get additional six inches legroom. We understand that the legroom is quite very important for you so that you can travel comfortably, and that is why the Spirit airlines offers you optimum legroom.

When you book tickets with the Spirit airlines then you are assigned the seat by the Spirit randomly when you check in. if the check in is free only then random seats will be assigned, but it will not guarantee that you get to sit next to your friends or family. You can purchase a seat assignment if you want to get seated neo your family member or friends. Seat assignment will cost you just $5 and it can vary according to the specific routes as well as the location of the aircraft.

Yes, the seats are spacious enough so that you can sit comfortably and enjoy your trip. However, the front seats are having more leg room and they are expensive as well. The seats are larger, they have more leg room and are more spacious than the airline standard seats. So, if you want roomy seats then for that you are required to book the front seats.

There are various seats that you get in Spirit Airlines flight. While you book your seats you can assure yourself that if you are the person that wants more legroom and space then for that you have the option for that as well. So, if you are the person who wants roomy seats then go for big front seats of Spirit airlines. The seats are larger, comfortable and have very spacious leg room. So, all the customers who want to book their tickets with the Spirit airlines and want spacious legroom can boom the big front seats.

Spirit airlines standard seats are of 28 inches. Most of the economy seats are of 30 inches pitch. Spirit airlines is one of the trustworthy and convenient flights that you can opt for. The spirit seats will make your trip hassle free as they are comfy and spacious too. Moreover, the seats can fit a laptop on them as well if you wish to. The standard seats of spirit airlines have tiny table for tray. Moreover, spirit guarantees you to have extra six inches of space.

There are big seats and standard seats. If you are the one who longs for a good and comfortable seat then for that you can get 36 inches of seat that has 6 inches of extra legroom. But for that you need to book the Spirit airlines Big Front seats.

When you are travelling with the spirit airlines, you have the comfort of choosing your flights. You can seat on the front of the plane if you want a better experience. This is because the back side of the plane experiences more turbulences. Moreover, when the plane lands the ones seated at the back are the last ones to get off the plane. So, it is suggested that when you are booking the flights book the front seats for yourself and your family.

There are all kinds of passengers who want to travel through airlines. Spirit airlines, suggests the plus sizer members to book themselves another seat so that they can sit comfortably and do not disturb there neighbors as well. However, you should know that the airline does not offer you a refund on the ticket and the second seat as well.

You, have the convenience of selecting your flights when you travel with Spirit Airlines. If you want a better experience, you might choose a seat at the front of the aircraft. This happens as a result of the plane's back experiencing more turbulence. In addition, when the plane lands, those in the back are the last to disembark. Therefore, it is advised that you reserve the front seats for yourself and your family when making your airline reservations.

If your seat belt is tight then you might need an extender. It is better and comfortable if you use an extender as you have to be in that flight for so long, and it is necessary that you are comfortable in it. Also, try to get extra spacious seat so that you have a comfortable flight.

When you purchase tickets from Spirit Airlines, the airline will choose your seat at random for you when you check in. Only random seats will be assigned if the check-in is free; nevertheless, this does not ensure that you will be seated with friends or relatives. If you wish to sit with your family or friends, you can buy a seat assignment. You can choose your seat for $5, although the price may change depending on the exact routes and the aircraft's location.

The middle seats are 18.5 inches wide. These are upgrades to the standard economy seats where you are getting additional width. The aisle and window seats are 17.5 inches wide.

So, book your Spirit airline tickets to get an amazing and convenient trip to your destination.

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